Monday, February 16, 2009

Chapter 2.2 : Me & My Degree (part 2)

ngeh ngeh ngeh.. salam! i've start to wonder.. why do we need to attend classes even though lectures are suck.. (sorry to all my lecturer!! with innocence face :p) i don't think i get any input during clasess.. all i do is just playing around..if lab clasess.. i'm ym-ing and playing goo games, haha that's funny..haha.. this week will be test week..that really make me sick.. with nothing in my head!! argh really tense..i hope i'll find someone with a big heart and give me to copy all his ansewer!! :P damn..

well.. ptptn still on prosessing.. automatically.. my pocket really empty.. how do i do with my life tomorro? damn.. i'm still figuring out.. stupid ptptn.. seriously!! i hate ptptn!! (angry mode activate)
still waiting with patience...

classes? fwen? well i do make some fwens.. hehe that's make me realief. haha well i do know all boys..and a liltle bit girls, i've made fwen to leya, ely, nazy and someone i forget her name(haha kidding) thankz for helping me out dudes!! thankz for all the info bout classes, quiz and so on.. really appreciate that.. thats really made my awkward fading.. n easier to study though..
haha, well that's enough for now, isn't? well bye then