Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chapter 1.5

white rose
by amir aizzat

summer come and go..
days flies as the clock ticks
blood run on the vein as my heart beating
day after day
week after week
my heart won't stop pounding
my love will grow
my heart always melt

in the end..everything will change..
to responsibility that growing much bigger
and hoping someday..
my white rose will growing to become much stronger
i'll be waiting here.. with smile and open hand..
to be loved once more..
to be cared once again..
and the ending will be much sooner
happier than ever
and it will stay forever..
as wish that come true
love happen as god will to happen..


anis said...

kiter tak suker white..
suker pink..hik3

retro said...

haha.. white is someone special.. hehe